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Mr. and Miss Wonderfully made Pageant

Hello friends!!!! I have quite a few events going on but am sooooo excited to share this one! This event will take place in March.

It's called the Mr. & Miss Wonderfully made pageant! It's a pageant designed to build the confidence of those with intellectual and physical disabilities with our special needs community!!!

I will be volunteering as a "Buddy." Basically, helping them throughout the day with the pageant and escorting them on stage. I even get to crown my Buddy!

This is by far one of my most favorite events! We ourselves, took in our autistic nephew 4 years ago, so I know firsthand how amazing this is going to make them all feel! I just LOVE this!!!

Not only is this a pageant but also an awesome opportunity to help give back!!!

I will be collecting NEW personal Hygiene products to benefit the members of the "Champions Community" If anyone is interested in donating, I will have a bin at the salon or you can also contact me via Facebook or text. Sara Marie DornBrook 262-224-4241

A few ideas that would be so helpful -Deodorant -Toothpaste -Toothbrushes -Shampoo -Conditioner -Body Wash -Hand Soap -Lotion -Hairspray -Makeup Products -Hair Ties -Hairbrushes -Combs -Flossers -Chapstick -Facewash -Feminine Hygiene Products -Tissues -Toilet Paper -Body Spray Etc. I appreciate all of the support and will keep everyone updated!!!

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