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Our Shear Convenience

Family next door

How it all began

Hello friends! My name is Sara DornBrook.

I entered the Cosmetology world in 2006 and have truly enjoyed helping people feel more confident with themselves! I worked with two amazing women at Shear Convenience for 8 years. (Pictured above) After years of doing hair, I became intrigued with permanent makeup. I decided to become licensed in that field as well but unfortunately, we didn't have the space for me to offer it. This is what led to my decision of branching off on my own. In 2015, I opened up my own space only two doors down! I was able to stay near my girls AND offer more services! It was very bittersweet, but we still remain best friends and are able to walk two doors down to visit

Below, I have a few pictures of Suite C. My first space on my own. 

After a short period of time of working in Suite C, I had a few girls interested in renting a chair. Unfortunately, Suite C just wasn't large enough. The unit next door to me, Suite D, was available and had always been a goal of mine to grow into that space. With having so many girls interested in joining me, I decided to go for it! It was all scary and exciting at the same time! Expanding into Suite D in 2018 took 9 months to build but we are so blessed to have had the opportunity to make it happen! Having more space gave me the chance to work the most wonderful women ever. We truly enjoy going to work and have each other's backs!
I promised them that if they trusted me, we would all grow together!

Three years flew by and before we knew it, our team had grown by two more people. We continued to work in the Suite C & D space, but knew when we had the opportunity, we would need to expand again. In October of 2021, Unit E was becoming available as the tenant was moving out. We jumped on the opportunity and began our next project! Expanding allowed us to have more space for all of us and we were able to have an aesthetician come in as well! We are now using the space for tattooing, lashes, and our aesthetician. Having this space also meant that my nail technician could now grow in her own new space that was previously our tattoo room!

See our expanding project pictures below!

In July of 2021, our landlord sold our building to Steve who occupied Suite B.

He is a consultant and has had his office there for many years. Steve decided to expand his office into a new unit as well. This now meant that his unit would be opening! We decided that this would be a great opportunity, as our nail technician would be better suited in that unit versus our old tattoo room.

 SOOOO...our fourth unit will be opening now in 2022!!!

Stay tuned for more pictures!!!

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