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Ahhhhh It's finally happening!

An announcement I've been crazy excited to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We officially have our book on Amazon!!!!!

We are waiting for the Paperback approval but it's OFFICIALLLL!!!!!!!

I will also be ordering some hard copies to sell as well! Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been wanting to make children's books since I was 16 years old!

I have MANY more stories written but with being able to have a louder voice right now about PKD, I thought this was the perfect time to make it happen!!!!!!

We wrote this as a family and it's written from our kid's perspectives.

I'm really hoping that hospitals can give it to other families going through the same thing we did.

One of the HARDEST things we have even had to watch our kids struggle through!

I can't even watch the memories pop up on Fb without bawling!

We are SO blessed to be where we are now!

I will share once the paperback is available but here is the kindle version!!!!!

Here is the link to check it out!!!

Miles Dornbrook 

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