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Family Promise and Friends Inc Collections

Hello friends!!!

I know you all see the crazy amount of fundraising I'm doing this year, but it means the world to have everyone's support!

Many people don't know this, but we struggled a when I was little. We were taken in and taken care of because of these amazing programs/facilities that Washington County offers! I remember the kindness from the staff/volunteers and the fun I had with the other kids. I didn't know back then that this was why we were there but am so grateful for it. You never know the struggles someone is going through secretly!

Please help me now give back to show thanks in return. I know so many people that have been helped because these places exist!!!

We have such a wonderful county!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be collecting starting today and until August 4th.

Anyone that donates will be entered into our Salon G/C drawing giveaway as well!!!

Family Promise of Washington County 

Friends, Inc.

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